“Alternatives” is a newsletter offering alternative ways of thinking and natural options that support life, culture and health. I entered the medical field in 1984 and have worked with patients in several different capacities. These ranged from taking XRays and drawing blood, to using energy frequency medicine and natural healing.

It’s time for a cultural change in health. As the cliche “knowledge is power” states, we need difficult medical concepts simplified for all to make informed decisions to experience a better quality of life.

“Alternatives” explains old science and theories as well as new ideas and emerging revelations. Clinical stories and descriptive metaphors help shed light on what is possible. Understanding why and how the body and energy works, opens doors to new paradigms. Unveiling the mysteries of new technologies and practices paves the way for a new world.

The body will heal itself with an adequate environment to do so. This newsletter is intended to empower the reader with tools to help the healing process. As we heal ourselves, we are able to heal our families, friends and relationships. The capacity for communities, cultures and societies to come together and support each other is the goal.

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Seeing the world through a different lens. Alternative solutions creating life-long health by Dr. Julie Wilson


Dr. Julie Wilson

A holistic physician specializing in chronic health issues. Seek the causes that prevent healing. Get educated on health and nutrition. Reverse it naturally.